Elizabeth Hanson
Science writer • Medical writer



A deeply researched exploration of how, historically, American zoos have interpreted nature for urban audiences


"The ideas that sustained [zoos] were, as Elizabeth Hanson explains in Animal Attractions, progressive. These were not seedy, sideshow affairs where you went for cheap thrills but places for 'recreation, self improvement and spiritual renewal.' " —Geoffrey Norman, Wall Street Journal

"Animal Attractions carefully and importantly contextualizes the zoo amidst broader developments in American culture. . . . [A]n important contribution to the vital rethinking of zoos and urban space and the relationship of nature and culture in modern America." —Brett Mizelle, Journal of American History

Rockefeller University Achievements: 1901-2001
(Rockefeller University Press, 2001)


A large-format book, lavishly illustrated with both historical and recent photography, Achievements chronicles the first 100 years of The Rockefeller University, a premiere center for biomedical research.