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Science and Medical Writing

Many of these recent writing samples are either not credited or ghost-written. I’m glad to provide references on request.

Science News
I have written more than 100 news items on Parkinson’s research
Low-Fat Dairy Foods Associated with Modest Increased Risk of Parkinson’s
Non-surgical deep brain stimulation

Newsletters and Magazines
Hospital for Special Surgery Alumni Magazine
Distinguished Alumnus Profile
Orthopaedic Residency Curriculum

NYU Physician
Hunger Games

Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Newsletter
Genetics and Parkinson’s Disease, Science News, Pain and Parkinson’s

Annual Reports
American Federation for Aging Research
Annual Report, 2014
Beeson Awards Report, 2016

NYU Langone Medical Center
Science stories, Annual Report, 2015

Opinion and Op-Ed
Working Toward a World Without Parkinson’s Disease

For Patients
Newsletter articles
Going to the Hospital With Parkinson’s
Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease

Online fact sheets
Sleep Disturbances in Parkinson’s Disease
Depression in Parkinson’s Disease

Special Projects
New York Academy of Sciences Bicentennial: Website postings
Fostering Scientific Innovation Through Diversity
Two Centuries of Academy Publications
Adventurous and Experimental: Margaret Mead and the Academy

Rockefeller University Hospital: 100 Vignettes on Discoveries Advancing Medicine
Pioneering the Biochemical Basis of How Nerve Cells Function
First Pharmacological Treatment for Narcotic Addiction: Methadone Maintenance

Policy Briefs
Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Medicine Report Briefs
Toward Quality Measures for Population Health
Oversight and Review of Clinical Gene Transfer Protocols

Animal Attractions: Nature on Display in American Zoos (Princeton University Press, 2002)
Rockefeller University Achievements: 1901-2001 (Rockefeller University Press, 2001)